Unlisted Securities Services

Unlisted joint stock companies are well represented within the Saudi corporate landscape and play an important role in the economy of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia. These companies share a number of common practices to those of their listed counterparties. For instance, unlisted companies are required to maintain Sharebook registers, hold GM’s, distribute dividends, etc.

Capitalizing on our expertise and technology infrastructure, “Edaa” is well positioned to offer unlisted joint stock companies an identical set of registry services currently being utilized by listed joint stock companies. These proprietary services benefit from the advanced electronic registry and custody services used to maintain shareholder’s records of listed companies in the Saudi capital market. This will enable unlisted companies to maintain accurate records of shareholders ownership and enhance the overall shareholder experience in compliance with current legislation/regulations.

 Principal Unlisted joint stock company registry services include:

  1. Maintenance of accurate ownership records
  2. Deposit shares in Center Accounts
  3. Ownership transfer
  4. Conducting corporate actions, such as capital increase/decrease, mergers, acquisitions, etc.
  5. e-Voting services
  6. Electronic Sharebook reporting

These services will support Unlisted Joint Stock Companies to enhance fully regulatory compliant service. It will also enable Companies to access secure and retrievable shareholder data via Tadawulaty system and enable investor a secure on-line access.