Sharebook Management

“Edaa’s” Sharebook Management services complements the full spectrum of locally traded securities:

  • Equities
  • SUKUK and Bonds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Real Estate Investment Traded Funds (REITs)

“Edaa” works closely with companies and funds listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange to deliver a comprehensive suite of Sharebook Management services. Our experienced team focus on the day-to-day administration of registrar operations and associated corporate actions.

Our fundamental service is Registrar Management and embraces administration, shareholder communication, corporate action processing and management reporting services.

“Edaa” will take you through the complete share registry process, including core corporate data information, offering type and listing status, shareholder file data upload, address, investor portfolio, bank account details, investor type and shareholder ownership, etc.


Corporate Action

Companies initiate a corporate action which affects share capital and shareholders. Events are normally agreed upon by the company’s board of directors and authorized by shareholders via voting. Corporate actions usually result in the following: cash dividends, capital increase or reduction, bonus shares, rights issues, etc.

“Edaa” carries out all necessary actions to effect corporate actions in respect of deposited securities in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

The process of managing corporate action is a complex and time consuming one. We at "Edaa" understand that you expect:

  • Efficient processing of corporate actions.
  • Accurate, easy-to-understand information that helps you, or your clients, to make informed decisions wherever applicable.
  • Realistic deadlines to maximize the amount of time available and standardize the process among all issuers.
  • Fast and automated processing and reporting, driving down any burden and associated risks.


Depositing Certificate

“Edaa’s” Shares Certificates Search Service offers shareholders the ability to inquire about their certificates ownership.
To utilize this service, click here.

If you have a certificate that belongs to you, you can request its deposit by fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Complete the Certificate Deposit form.
  • A copy of your National ID.
  • In the case of a power of attorney, a copy of valid power of attorney deed and copy of the National ID of the authorized person.
  • Authenticate all documents by the Issuer or the Member

The required documents can be submitted (after authentications) to “Edaa” using the most convenient method for you, which include:

  • Visit “Edaa’s” head office in Riyadh (Reception),
  • Through one of the brokerage firms; or
  • Through the relevant Joint Stock Company.


Sharebook Reporting

The Issuers (Equities, ETFs, REITS, SUKUK and Bonds) often exercise different types of Corporate Actions, including capital increase and decrease, rights issues, General Meeting (GM), merger and acquisition, dividend distribution, coupon payment, etc.

These activities require the company to obtain a list of their shareholders as at a specific date, entitled the “Sharebook Report”. This report includes the list of shareholders of dematerialized securities deposited in portfolios including certificated shares.

“Edaa” offers a robust online communication channel between the Issuer, shareholders, and “Edaa” whereby Issuers have the opportunity to manage their activities in a seamless and convenient manner. This service provides issuers with the convenience of obtaining their Sharebook Report online directly from their Tadawulaty account.


Ownership Control

An integral element of the establishment of Share Registrar Services is the recording of Shareholder Ownership levels and the associated control and oversight procedures.

“Edaa” facilitates this process by real-time monitoring and initially recording the appropriate Ownership Limits as established in the Articles of Incorporation of the issuing company and in accordance with current Laws and Regulations.


Share Fractional Sale

A fractional share is a partial share of equity resulting from corporate actions.  However, they hold value to shareholders but cannot be normally sold. “Edaa” facilitates the process of pooling the fractions into a certain center account where it can be sold in the market.

Thereafter, cash proceeds will be deposited into the issuer’s account where it will then be distributed to shareholders in timely manner.

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